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Friday, April 15, 2011

Diet Coke, Flaming Hot Cheetos and Dairy Queen

This week was so bad that I had to adopt the mantra "Just get through the day". What started out as a simple trip to work with some great people slowly turned into a congealed mess of bodily waste.

I should have known something was up when I had a Diet Coke and Flamin' Hot Cheetos craving on Wednesday morning at 7:30. It was like an omen. The flames from the Cheetos = flames from hell? I should have just turned around and went back to bed. But I blissfully believed my engineers would not let me down. Besides, I was already 120 miles from home and I still had Ikea to look forward to.

Mistake number 1? Believing my engineers wouldn't let me down. The "no worries" mentality just plain scares me. Mistake number 2? Believing that I would get to Ikea. This is the part that truly disappoints me. So close, yet so far.

At the end of the work day on Wednesday, I was getting teased about only eating a piece of gum all day. Can't say that I blame them because they didn't see me wolf down half a bag of Cheetos before I got to their site. Coffee, Cheetos, gum and Diet Coke...what's wrong with that? I wanted Korean BBQ but when I did a search it came up with this list. Really? Look closely.

The day ended with a little bit of file hacking and a sigh of relief that at least I had a work-around. They don't call me the work-around queen for nothing! I did end up at Outback Steakhouse at about 8:00 that night but I probably shouldn't have finished off the bag of Cheetos on my way there. I really should have tried for Ikea...even if it would have been 30 minutes. It would have been my fix.

Thursday wasn't any better. The no worries adage lived on and after 8 hours of diddling...I finally get sent home feeling beat up. 3 hours on the road, starving and rush hour. Seriously? This calls for immediate action. Well, not so immediate as traffic sucks. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is chocolate covered, whipped cream, ice creamy goodness.

I drowned my sorrows in chocolate and ice cream, drove all the way home and cried myself to sleep knowing it would be a month before I get to Ikea. Life is so unfair.

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